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DeepSense is now Humantic

DeepSense, a solution provider that helps companies find the best employees and helps people find the most fulfilling jobs, will now be known as Humantic. According to the company’s CEO Amarpreet, its users “have been very vocal – they desperately need affordable, large scale soft skills assessment, but they need it to be reliable, bias free and privacy compliant. We are addressing that. We have now published research around Humantic reliability and validity working with the best psychologists in the industry, and I will soon share about our work around bias reduction and privacy protection.”

Original Source: Email from Company CEO

Facebook may be on track to become the leading US job portal

Facebook plans to make advertisements for job offers, loans and credit cards accessible to all users on its US platform. So everyone should be able to search on Facebook for these ads, which should reduce discrimination. “If these ads are visible to everyone, access to business opportunities will definitely increase,” said Galen Sherwin, senior attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) non-profit organization that works for civil rights. Previously, Facebook showed such ads only to certain users who, according to their data, fulfilled certain criteria. For example, they had to have a high income and education. Even where users shop was a factor in getting these ads. Free access to such services is designed to improve the social mobility of many US citizens.

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KnowMore ™, a First of Its Kind Covert Job Search Platform for the Cybersecurity Industry

CyberSN is the leading talent acquisition firm in the U.S. focused exclusively on cybersecurity professionals. Its KnowMore ™ platform will be making its debut at the Black Hat USA Conference. KnowMore is a revolutionary search and match technology, using the common language of cybersecurity to guarantee covert & fast matches to relevant jobs, eliminating bias and discrimination. Why is it needed? On top of the severe cybersecurity talent shortage we are facing, current professionals can’t find employment quickly or efficiently. CyberSN data indicates it takes a CISO, on average, 8 months to find a new position, and 4 months for a cybersecurity engineer. This makes no sense given that there are close to 500,000 open cybersecurity roles in the US and over 3M openings globally.

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LinkedIn fixed a flaw that let someone post a job opening for Google’s CEO position

LinkedIn has closed a loophole that allowed almost anyone to post a job listing on company pages without any authorization. Netherlands-based recruiter Michel Rijnders discovered the problem and posted his findings on the Microsoft-owned professional social network. Usually, creating job postings requires a premium subscription, but Rijnders said he went on to create job postings for a Chief Executive Officer for Google and LinkedIn at no cost. Posting fraudulent jobs on LinkedIn without a company’s knowledge is a violation of its terms and service. In addition to fooling a candidate into applying for positions that are non-existent, it can be abused by bad actors to redirect job seekers to an external website that can collect their sensitive information. After Rijnders made the post, LinkedIn’s head of trust and safety, Paul Rockwell, said in a comment that the company has removed the posting and that they’re working to resolve the issue that published his job listings. In a statement to Adweek, LinkedIn later said it has patched what appears to be a bug that accidentally went live as part of a test that made it possible for small business to post some jobs for free.

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The Singularity is Nearer: Microsoft places $1 Billion Bet on Artificial General Intelligence

Microsoft is investing $1 billion in AI research company OpenAI to build a set of technologies that can deliver artificial general intelligence (AGI). The multiyear joint effort aims to construct a supercomputing capability in Azure that provides developers a platform for building AGI applications and delivering them to the public. AGI, sometimes known as “strong AI,” has been the holy grail of the artificial intelligence community for over 50 years. According to Sam Altman, chief executive officer at OpenAI, the goal is to be able to develop systems that display generalized intelligence, which can perform a lot of different tasks at superhuman level. That’s unlike today’s version of AI, sometimes referred to as “narrow AI,” which provides applications trained to solve particular problems like image recognition, language translation, and robotic control.

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Recruitment entrepreneur investment programme launched

A new investment programme for recruitment entrepreneurs has been launched by one of the industry’s leading partnerships. TIMESTWO Investments has been created by Mike Beesley and Keith Dawe, two of the UK’s most influential recruitment entrepreneurs, to offer investment that provides startups and scaleups the tools needed to succeed in a short period of time. The business, which has a specially-designed incubation hub on the outskirts of Bristol, will support people-focused entrepreneurs who have identified a market and are ready to make a go of it on their own. In its initial phase the search for investment opportunities will focus on entrepreneurs from the South West before opening up nationally in the coming 12 months. Along with financial investment, TIMESTWO has been developed to enable necessary aspects such as brand development, marketing, IT, finance and legal services to be brought under one roof, so founders can concentrate on what they are best at.

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Twitter shares jump 10% on solid user growth, revenue beat

Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) recently reported better-than-expected second-quarter revenue as design changes to its microblogging website attracted more users and advertisers, sending its shares up 10%. Twitter’s revenue and number of users have been in focus since the social media platform started deleting millions of spam or fake accounts promoting hate speech or spreading political misinformation, contributing to declines in monthly users through 2018. Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey said the platform saw an 18% drop in reports of spammy or suspicious behavior across all Tweet detail pages, which show the replies to any given Tweet on the service. The company reported a rise in monthly active users in the first quarter, fueling speculation that Twitter was returning to growth.

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