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For you Holiday shoppers, Bot Monday

Cyber Monday is supposed to be an awesome online shopping day. It is. I’ve seen estimates as high as $9 billion for today. However, I’ve also seen estimates from NBC News and Radware that as much as 97 percent of online shopping traffic today will be bot traffic.

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Why IBM and others are building a global database for employee credentials

In the near future, employers around the world will no longer worry about the length of time or paperwork required to verify a job applicant’s learning credentials. A new consortium is currently building a global clearinghouse or database, called the Learning Credential Network (LCN), which supports blockchain technology to store permanent, verifiable records of job seekers’ skills and academic qualifications.

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Monster Confidence bootcamp launches in London to boost STEM confidence in girls

Jobs site, Monster.co.uk, and social enterprise, Stemettes, are taking Monster Confidence on the road to show the next generation that girls do Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) too, and give them the tools and confidence needed to secure a job. The first event launched earlier this week in London and was a huge success. Since launching the events in 2016, over 2,000 young women have attended to receive encouragement and guidance from industry experts on how to pursue careers and qualifications of their dreams within STEM fields. Monster Confidence will be hosting two further events this year across the UK where unemployment and is at its highest and social mobility at its lowest – Teesside and Peterborough.

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Narrative Violation

Call it what you will, a narrative violation or a contrarian view, but global warming is not the existential challenge of our time. The convergence of global warming and the machine annihilation of human work is.

Watch Peter Weddle make the case in his RECex talk at TAtechNorthAmerica

PageUp Acquires Clinch: Talent Recruitment Marketing Innovator

PageUp today confirmed its acquisition of Dublin-based recruitment marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, Clinch. The acquisition of Clinch expands PageUp’s recruitment software offering to include sophisticated proactive sourcing and other recruitment tools including: content management, automated recruitment marketing and enhanced candidate relationship management. Founded in 2014, Clinch has built an innovative suite of tools that vastly improve recruitment experiences for candidates, recruiters and specialist sourcers. Clinch empowers customers to build and accelerate the recruitment funnel whilst delivering an exceptional, personalised candidate experience and saving time through automation. Clinch also offers end-to-end recruitment analytics and insights so that sourcing strategies can be adjusted to deliver the best return on investment.

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TextRecruit CEO Gives Revealing Interview About Company Success

CEO of TextRecruit Erik Kostelnik gave a revealing interview to podcaster Nathan Latka recently that is a very interesting summary of the company’s success from startup to being purchased by iCiMS. In it he reveals that the company now has over 1,000 customers, why he sold the business and a host of other key metrics that any vendor in our space should find compelling. Erik has recently left the company as it gets folded deeper into iCiMS.

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TrackJobChanges.com makes sure your contact data is up to date

We have an intel tool that we would like to talk about called Track Job Changes, formerly known as Inlistio. This tool has a lot of different applications, and the main function of the tool is job tracking. Rather, it can track people and their jobs. Upload people into the tool from your ATS or Salesforce.com database and then see how often they change jobs, where they worked and where they go next.

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Wired: The Internet Is for Everyone, Right? Not With a Screen Reader

There are around 7 million people with a visual disability in the United States, according to the National Federation of the Blind. Many of them may … find the modern web to be lacking. One study by an accessibility software company this August found that 70 percent of the websites it surveyed, ranging from ecommerce to news to government services, contain “accessibility blocks,” or quirks in the design that make them unreadable with assistive technology. Another accessibility report analyzing the top million homepages on the web estimates that just 1 percent meet the most widely used accessibility standards.

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