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Amazon keeps working on a home robot prototype

Amazon is still working on a robot that will roam around homes, according to Bloomberg. A prototype of the robot, codenamed “Vesta,” is about “waist-high,” can be controlled by voice and is capable of moving around on its own using built-in cameras, according to the report. A similar report last April revealed that Amazon is interested in creating home robots that might be able to provide access to the company’s Amazon Alexa voice assistant no matter where you are. Bloomberg said the robot isn’t ready to launch this year as originally planned.

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Built In Gets $22 Million in Funding

Built In, a platform connecting professionals with technology companies across the United States, announced today that it has raised $22 million in Series C funding. Updata Partners led the round, with participation from existing investors including MATH Venture Partners, which led Built In’s previous two funding rounds. The company will use the funding to expand its national footprint, increase investments in its core product and further enhance opportunities for professional development in the technology industry. Founded in 2011 in Chicago, Built In helps more than 1,800 customers — from fast-growing startups to Fortune 50 companies — connect with over 1 million technology professionals each month. Built In has revolutionized how talented people discover their professional purpose, how companies tell their stories and how communities connect over a shared passion for tech.

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Facebook Fined by US Government

Looks like Facebook was prescient in setting aside billions in anticipation of a $3 billion to $5 billion FTC fine. The FTC reportedly approved a $5 billion fine against the social networking giant on Friday [July 12]. If the fine is approved by the Justice Department, it’ll be the biggest the federal government has ever levied against a tech company, according to The New York Times. And yet … meh. Financially, $5 billion is just a slap on the wrist, and the settlement doesn’t do anything to restrict Facebook. But Facebook’s headache might be just beginning: “Regulators and lawmakers in Washington, Europe and in countries including Canada have already begun multiple investigations and proposing new restrictions against Facebook that will probably embroil it in policy debates and legal wrangling for years to come,” writes Adam Satariano for the Times.

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Glassdoor to add hundreds of jobs and more office space in Chicago

Glassdoor, a growing tech operation that posts job openings along with employee reviews of companies they work for, said it will majorly expand its physical and workforce presence in Chicago. The company has signed a long-term lease for two full floors in a new office tower under construction at 1375 W. Fulton in the booming West Loop neighborhood where a number of other tech companies have opened offices in recent years. The new space Glassdoor is adding in Chicago will be able to accommodate up to 400 employees, the company said. The company said it plans to move into the 52,000-square-foot office at 1735 W. Fulton during the summer of 2020.

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Haley Marketing Announces New Programmatic Job Advertising Services

In an increasingly complex and unpredictable recruiting landscape, Haley Marketing, the largest website development, social and recruitment marketing firm serving the temporary staffing and executive recruiting industries, has launched new programmatic job advertising services and published their free Guide to Programmatic Job Advertising. Loss of organic traffic from Indeed, nationwide unemployment at 3.6 percent, a proliferation of job boards and aggregators, advances in technology, and changes in job-seeker behavior have made recruiting more complex and challenging than ever for staffing professionals. Traditional job advertising methods are no longer efficient and deliver unpredictable results. Haley Marketing’s performance marketing experts launched new programmatic job advertising services to enable staffing companies to capitalize on this critical opportunity. Using machine learning and rules-based bidding, these services optimize job distribution and spend to deliver the ideal mix of candidates for open job orders, and fill high priority jobs, faster.

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Indeed Acquires ClickIQ

Indeed announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire ClickIQ, an automated job advertising technology platform, based in the UK. Founded in 2017 by Richard Collins and Beverly Shaw, ClickIQ is Europe’s AI-powered programmatic recruitment technology platform. ClickIQ’s proprietary technology manages, tracks and optimizes the performance of enterprise clients’ recruitment advertising in real-time, focusing job advertising spend where it is needed to reach the best candidates in the most cost-effective way. ClickIQ has UK offices in Surrey and Aberdeen. The transaction is expected to close in July 2019.

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TMP Acquires Perengo

TMP Worldwide, a global leader in talent acquisition technologies, announced that it has acquired Perengo, a programmatic recruitment platform that helps large companies automate and improve their recruitment process. The Perengo team, with experience rooted in state-of-the-art ad-tech, has developed a pioneering, AI-driven programmatic recruitment platform. By combining Perengo’s technology with TMP’s TalentBrew platform’s proprietary network intelligence, the outcome is an offering that will be transformative to our customers. TMP Worldwide can now deliver end to end, personalized candidate experiences via an AI driven, multi-channel candidate acquisition strategy optimized to meet quality, efficiency and time-to-fill objectives for each job.

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