TAtech Live 2020 Archive

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TAtech Live is an online professional development series that showcases the applications, innovations and best practices of today’s and tomorrow’s talent acquisition technology.  Presented every two weeks, each webinar runs for 60 minutes, from 2:00-3:00 pm ET, 11:00 am-12:00 pm PT.

Access TAtech live videos from 2020:

June 16 – An HR/TA Guide To The Investor-Defined HR Tech Universe
June 30 – Programmatic Job Advertising: Are You Really Doing It Right?
July 14 – Future-Proof Your Hiring With Conversational AI
July 28 – Rethink Your Relationship With AI To Build A Better Workforce
August 4 – Meet Your New Assistant: How Companies Are Embracing Virtual Tools To Hire In A Virtual World
August 18 – Hire Intelligence: How, When & Why To Use Data Analytics In Talent Acquisition
September 15 – Recruitment Marketing in a Time of Disruption: Voices From the Trenches
October 13 – How AI Drives Authentic Diversity
November 19 – The Why and How of Working with Programmatic Recruitment Platforms
December 3 – TAtech Live – TAtech Oral History: A Fireside Chat with Monster Founder Jeff Taylor
December 8 – Why Talent Acquisition Can’t Find Qualified Diverse Talent (hint: It’s Not Recruiters’ Fault)



TAtech Live

Remote Learning About Talent Technology for Smart Recruiters


June 16 | An HR/ TA Guide to the Investor-Defined HR Tech Universe

Investors, strategic acquirers, and the capital markets shape the HR Tech universe of products for enterprise employers, SMBs, staffing firms and RPOs, so it’s important for HR and recruiting leaders and professionals to understand how those parties view the current and future state of the universe. This session will provide a detailed map of the universe from two perspectives: the traditional HR Tech vendor stack and the Future of Work. It will identify which solutions fit into which segments of the universe and how that segmentation has changed and will likely change further as product functionality converges.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How investors segment the current universe of HR Tech
  • The principal solution providers operating in each segment
  • The changes in the universe in the recent past and why they occurred
  • The segments of the universe most likely to change over the next 12-24 months

Speaker Bio:

Colin LeStrange

Colin LeStrange is a Director on BTIG’s Software Investment Banking team in New York. Prior to BTIG, he was a Vice President within Technology Investment Banking at Alantra. Previously, Colin co-founded and sold HireOwl, an HR technology company. He began his career in equity research and capital market sales. Colin earned a BBA in international business from Loyola University Maryland.


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June 30 | Programmatic Job Advertising: Are You Really Doing It Right?

There are several different options when it comes to implementing programmatic ad buying for talent acquisition, so it can be hard to determine which solution is right for your business. Whether you are implementing such a strategy for the first time or looking to improve on the approach you’ve already taken, it is imperative to know which capabilities you should look for as you evaluate different solution providers and implement best practices from the AdTech world.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The impact of “programmatic” on your recruitment media buying and management strategy
  • The requirements for a solution to be truly “programmatic” – lessons from the AdTech world
  • The questions you should ask a programmatic job advertising platform provider
  • How your peers are leveraging programmatic job advertising capabilities (and how does your approach compare with theirs?)


Dan Sapir

Dan Sapir is Vice President, Partnerships and Business Development at Joveo. He leads initiatives for the expansion of Joveo’s network of publishers in new markets globally and drives partnerships with other recruitment technology providers. Dan has been in the HR technology space for over a decade, in multiple sales, business development, alliances, product, and leadership roles, at companies like Indeed, Simply Hired, and Restoration Media. Prior to Joveo, he served as Senior Vice President, Sales and Operations, at Netcore Solutions.

Jim Dwyer

Jim Dwyer is Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, at Joveo. He leads the staffing and RPO businesses at Joveo, while also being deeply involved in overall corporate strategy, large partnerships, and strategic client relationships. Dan has spent over 15 years in senior leadership roles in the recruitment industry, at companies like Monster Worldwide, CareerBliss, Simply Hired, Instructure, and Enboarder. Recognized as a visionary leader in global recruitment, human capital management, and business strategy, Jim is also an active speaker and writer, and often participates in webinars, events, and discussions on these subjects.


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July 14 | Future-Proof Your Hiring With Conversational AI

Talent Acquisition teams continue to face unexpected changes in demand. In a world where agility is key, ask yourself this: have you future-proofed your hiring process? Leading recruiting teams across the world have unlocked the power of AI to transform their hiring approach to meet their current market – whatever that may be. This session will discuss how you can leverage automation to scale candidate outreach and communication up or down to efficiently maximize your team’s potential – setting you up for success today and in the future. Join us to learn about specific applications to various use cases and how conversational AI can help your team be agile in this constantly evolving hiring environment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What Conversational AI is and how it differs from a traditional chatbot
  • The specific use cases for applying Conversational AI to achieve tangible results
  • The impact of implementing Conversational AI as part of your hiring tech stack
  • Things you should consider when speaking with a recruiting AI provider


Eyal Grayevsky

Eyal Grayevsky is the CEO and co-founder of Mya Systems. Mya, the company’s conversational AI assistant, was launched in July of 2016 and quickly became the industry leader in addressing inefficiencies in recruiting and improving the experience for job candidates and recruiters. Prior to Mya, Eyal founded FirstJob, a job marketplace for early career talent, and worked for his family’s recruiting agency, giving him over 15+ years of expertise in the staffing and HR tech industries. Mya Systems has been recognized by CB Insight’s AI 100, AI Breakthrough Awards, Brandon Hall Awards, and Kairos Society’s K50, among others. The company is backed by top tier investors such as Emergence Capital, Foundation Capital, and Workday Ventures, and now supports over 450 enterprise brands, including 52 of the Fortune 500 and 6 of the 8 largest global staffing businesses.


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July 28 | Rethink Your Relationship with AI to Build a Better Workforce

If you’ve shied away from bots thinking they’re too, well, robotic, it’s time to reconsider. Powered by insightful data and led by humans, AI technology is making candidates’ experiences richer, and recruiters’ jobs easier. Learn how AI can deliver to you best-fit, diverse talent that was previously hidden.
In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • That AI bots aren’t coming for your job (in fact, it works better when its human-led)
  • How AI insights help give you more breathing room for more strategic hiring decisions
  • The ways AI can be leveraged to build a more diverse workforce
  • An exclusive look at how iCIMS’s AI solution, Talent Logic, elevates the candidate and recruiter experience


Andreea Wade

Andreea Wade  is Portfolio Director, AI/ML at iCIMS, the leading HR cloud platform for recruiting. Previously, she was CEO and co-founder of Opening.io, which was recently acquired by iCIMS. She has a background in programming, journalism, product management, business development, entrepreneurship and investing. Andreea is a startup mentor, having mentored in all the major incubators and accelerators in Dublin and, also, London, Tel Aviv, and Berlin. A former investor, Andreea helped run the Irish wing of an EU funded accelerator, served as Head of Product Management in the largest Irish media trust and previously founded companies. She is also a speaker, tech event organizer, lecturer, and lover of the outdoors.


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August 4 | Meet Your New Assistant: How Companies are Embracing Virtual Tools to Hire in a Virtual World

We all understand the power of in-person interviews and networking at career fairs, but that all changed when the world was forced to go digital. Now, every organization is searching for solutions that can be spun up quickly to help employers stay connected to their future employees, and provide the kinds of warm, personal experiences we used to get from 1:1, in-person events and interviews.

So, what do those solutions look like? In this session, we’ll explore how conversational AI is allowing these experiences to flourish in a virtual environment that enables recruiters to engage with candidates at scale, while keeping the human element intact.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How technology is helping organizations conduct virtual interviews and host virtual hiring events to quickly replace the in-person activities they once relied on.
  • How conversational AI can create warm, 1:1 interactions with candidates at scale to provide personalized, human experiences — without needing to be in an office.
  • How companies have leveraged virtual hiring strategies to overcome today’s challenges and the successes they’ve achieved.


Josh Zwyien

Josh Zwyien serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Paradox, responsible for driving the company’s brand, digital, and experiential marketing efforts, while also supporting sales enablement and product marketing. Prior to Paradox, he led marketing and product at SmashFly, which was acquired by Symphony Talent in November 2019. Josh is passionate about helping companies better communicate their story — who they are, what they believe, and how they help a particular market solve real, meaningful challenges. Prior to SmashFly, Josh founded his own marketing agency and helped grow Boston-based venture capital firm OpenView into one of the world’s top venture capital brands.

Madeline Laurano

Madeline Laurano is the Founder of Aptitude Research Partners, a research-based analyst and advisory firm focused on the new conversation required by changes in how technology is delivered and utilized by today’s organizations.  Previously, she was the VP and Principal Analyst at Brandon Hill Group and Research Director for Talent Acquisition Solutions at Aberdeen Group.


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August 18 | Hire Intelligence: How, when & why to use data analytics in Talent Acquisition

In this webinar presented by PandoLogic’s Customer Success Analyst, Amy English, we will dive into the importance of data analytics in talent technology and the talent acquisition field. We live in a data-centric time, everything runs on information. Having transparent and insightful data will be critical in creating recruiting initiatives and pushing your talent tech stack to the next level. We’ll discuss how data optimizes your talent tech and drives better outcomes in a volatile recruiting market, why you should be investing in aggregated job performance data, and the importance of reviewing and analyzing your data to improve your overall process.


Amy English

Amy English is the Customer Success Analyst at PandoLogic, where she creates data-driven insights and partners with clients to ensure their success.  Her passion is understanding clients’ goals and challenges, and leveraging data to understand where improvements can be made. Prior to working at PandoLogic, Amy has Talent Acquisition experience as a Product Strategist at ZipRecruiter and a Customer Success Advisor at Monster Worldwide. She began her career working at Fidelity Investments and Liberty Mutual as a Business/Reporting Analyst, and has a BS in Biology and earned her MBA at Rivier College in NH.


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September 15 | Recruitment Marketing in a Time of Disruption: Voices From the Trenches

We’re well past the time when traditional strategies for recruitment marketing will have the necessary impact to move the needle on talent acquisition. The Covid-19 pandemic, the global recession and the social justice movement have created entirely new dynamics in the talent marketplace. How can you evolve the development of your talent pool and the promotion of your employment brand in such an environment? Hear from your peers who are doing it.

This two-part session will feature:

Bill Boorman

Bill Boorman, Strategic Advisor at VONQ and TA thought leader, interviewing Allyn Bailey, Talent Acquisition Transformation Manager at Intel Corporation, and Marvin Smith, Enterprise Talent Sourcing Lead at Lockheed Martin). Their topic: TALENT NURTURE.

Tracey Parsons

Tracey Parsons, the Bringer of Sunshine at Parsons Strategic Consulting, interviewing Steve Ward, UK Business Director, Data-Driven Employment Brand & EVP Consulting Universum, and Holland McCue, Sr. Manager Employment Brand, Recruitment Marketing and Onboarding Experience Delta Air Lines. Their topic: EMPLOYMENT BRANDING.




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October 13 | How AI Drives Authentic Diversity

According to EqualityMagazines.com, “When you automatically lump the concepts of DiversityInclusion and Compliance together you could be sending the wrong message about diversity. Moreover, your actions could be compounding the problem by how you address these two nuanced but distinct issues. When it comes to corporate identity and image, it pays (sometimes literally) to know the subtle distinction.”  Join ThisWay Global CEO Angela Hood as she explores the distinction and how AI can add power to your recruiting diversity efforts.


  1. How Companies Are Winning Big Right Now
  2. Strategic Guidelines for Diversity
  3. Defining Diversity: Authentic vs Compliant
  4. When Ai Can’t Help You
  5. Easily Avoidable Mistakes Most Are Making


Angela Hood

Following years of R&D at University of Cambridge, UK, Angela Hood founded ThisWay Global and it’s Ai4JOBS product suite to match people to jobs, instantly and without bias. Over the last seven years Angela has given keynote addresses in 9 countries on the topics of ‘The Ethical Use of AI’, ‘The New World of Work’ and the ‘ROI of Diversity’.  Just last year Ai4JOBS’ unbiased matching technology was selected Innovation of the Year by attendees at HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas.


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November 19 | The Why and How of Working with Programmatic Recruitment Platforms

Join our experts and guest speaker Kyle Leigh, Vice President, Strategy at Bayard Advertising, to learn how to switch from buying traditional recruitment media to the automation wonders of the programmatic advertising world. First, through a dynamic Q&A session between Michael O’Dell, President of Talent.com, and Leigh, you will get insights and perspectives on making the move to a data-driven recruitment strategy. Then Kevin Bunce, Director of Business Development at Talent.com will take you through the ins and outs of working efficiently with programmatic recruitment platforms from what they are and how to decide if they’re right for your needs, to what they can offer you and how to test and maximize your results from using these flexible, performance-based platforms.

The key takeaways you can hope to leave this exciting webinar with are:

  • What are the Capabilities of Programmatic Platforms
  • The Advantages of Using Programmatic Platforms
  • How to Best Use Programmatic Platforms to Suit Your Recruitment Needs

Speaker Bios:

Michael O’Dell

Michael O’Dell, President, Talent.com
Michael O’Dell is President of Talent.com. He is a long-time industry veteran with more than 16 years of experience in the Talent Acquisition technology space. O’Dell lives in Brentwood, TN with his wife and three sons.

Kyle Leigh

Kyle Leigh, Vice President, Strategy, Bayard Advertising
Kyle Leigh is a pioneering contributor to the programmatic jobs space. He has implemented hundreds of strategies for employers, advertising agencies, staffing firms, and job boards, large and small. Prior to returning to Bayard, Kyle sold his programmatic services company, Ripple, to a leading ad tech provider. When not quarantined at home in Oakland, Kyle enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and hiking with his Border Collie, Ziggy.

Kevin Bunce

Kevin Bunce, Director Business Development, Talent.com
Kevin Bunce is a Business Development Director at Talent.com in the US. He has made his career in the Talent Acquisition industry, having previously worked in various functions—operations, publisher relations, product, and customer success. Kevin is a mountain-climbing native of the Hudson Valley who recently moved to New Haven with his fiancé and Hudson the hound dog. He is learning how to play the guitar, but don’t ask him how it’s going.

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December 3 | TAtech Live – TAtech Oral History: A Fireside Chat with Monster Founder Jeff Taylor

In our TAtech Oral History series so far, we’ve interviewed Richard Johnson of HotJobs fame and Bill Warren founder of the Online Career Center. Now, we’re pleased to bring Jeff Taylor, creator of The Monster Board, to the virtual stage. Here’s a preview:

In the closing years of the 20th century and the early years of this century, newspapers were the 800 pound gorillas of employment advertising. They were rich and powerful and famously described a bunch of pesky new internet sites called job boards as a “fad” that would shortly fade away. Enter Jeff Taylor. He founded The Monster Board in 1994 and over the next decade, built Monster into a global leader in online recruitment advertising. According to Wikipedia, Monster was the first public job search website; the first public resume database in the world; the first job board to launch a Super Bowl ad; and the first to have job search agents or job alerts. Join Jeff and Peter Weddle in a fireside chat on the early days of online recruiting and the beginning of an industry that has transformed how people find work and how employers find talent.

Registration is free for HR/TA professionals recruiting for enterprise employers, SMBs, staffing firms and RPOs and for the employees of active TAtech Member organizations. All others may register for a fee of $30. After completion of your registration, an invoice will be emailed to you for your registration fee should you be required to pay one. Payment is due within 72 hours of receipt of the invoice.

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December 8 | Why Talent Acquisition Can’t Find Qualified Diverse Talent (hint: It’s Not Recruiters’ Fault)

Wellsfargo Bank’s CEO said in a zoom meeting that “While it might sound like an excuse, the unfortunate reality is that there is a very limited pool of black talent to recruit from”. This was an unfortunate remark that got a lot of fire; however, it represents a common misperception. Wellsfargo and many other companies simply do not have the data to assess the availability of diverse talents for their open roles and worse, nor do they have effective tools to help them reach and engage with such talent. This misguided reality is the result of lack of technology. It forces recruiters to use antiquated tools and practices that narrow the aperture and reduce their visibility to great, diverse talent.

But what if this problem could be solved?

With the huge underrepresentation of diverse talent in organizations and a fashionable trend to reverse this, you’ll takeaway these highly actionable insights from 2 internationally renowned DEI and recruitment experts. In this unique webinar you will learn about:

  1. The realities that prevent the creation of a more diverse workforce. What they are, why they exist, and how they are failing us.
  2. New methods and technologies that accelerate Diversity in the workplace.
  3. Five low cost, high impact initiatives you can take tomorrow to increase diversity in your workforce.

Speaker Bios:

Michele Shelton

Michele Shelton – Michele was named one of the 100 most influential DEI leaders in the U.S. She has 20 years of experience leading strategic partnerships, HR, organizational development, and diversity initiatives in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Serving previously as a statewide executive director of diversity and equality for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, VP of a supplier diversity council, civil rights compliance officer, and in positions managing grant-funded programs of the National Urban League and U.S. Department of Labor, Michele has been deeply committed to addressing systems of inequity. She serves on boards and task forces promoting equal opportunity in education, employment, entrepreneurship, and remains a tireless advocate for social and organizational justice.

Gal Almog

Gal Almog – Gal is a seasoned entrepreneur and author who spent the last 20 years innovating and disrupting the recruitment industry. As a Veteran Major of the Israeli Special Forces, Gal likes challenges, and changing recruitment is certainly a worthy challenge. Gals’ previous company PandoLogic, became a world leader in recruitment advertising technology. Together with Doron Segal, Gal founded Talenya in 2017 with a vision of changing the antiquated methods of talent sourcing to a more equitable one. Today, Talenya works with leading companies around the world, enabling their recruitment teams to find and engage with 3X more qualified and diverse talent than any other tool.

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