TAtech Live Launches in June

TAtech Live is an online professional development series hosted by TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions. It will launch in June and differentiate itself from other webinar programs by focusing on the Talent Acquisition Technology – its current and emerging capabilities and the best practices for implementing it in enterprise employers, SMBs, staffing firms and RPOs.

Why is that important?

Because as the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting recession subside, employers will need to recruit rapidly and at scale. The victors in this new competition for talent will be those that have the most knowledgeable recruiters supported by the best TA technology. TAtech Live, therefore is a program uniquely designed to prepare employers for post-Covid-19 economic recovery AND what happens after that – the drive to business acceleration.

All of the presentations will be hype- and technobabble-free. Think of them as 101 educational courses for non-technologists.
• The opening session will provide the most complete and up-to-date depiction of the HR technology ecosystem. Developed by the research department at a global investment bank, it will identify the major segments of the ecosystem, the major players in each segment, the recent changes in that cast of players and finally what new capabilities and players recruiters might see in the ecosystem over the next 12-24 months.
• Following that overview, each biweekly session will cover such topics as programmatic ad buying, pay for performance advertising, artificial intelligence, conversational chatbots and other TA technologies that can be used to jump start recruiting as the economy recovers.

Registration for the series will be FREE for Corporate HR and talent acquisition leaders and professionals recruiting for enterprise employers, SMBs, staffing firms and RPOs.

The full schedule of courses and a link to registration will be available here soon.

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