TAtech Newz: Make Connections & Preschedule Meetings at TAtechEurope

Peter Weddle

You attend conferences to make connections, right? Yet, most events make it hard for you to do so.

Oh sure, they set up coffee breaks and a networking reception, but they don’t let you know who’s coming or make it possible for you to schedule a meeting with them in advance.

Basically, it’s hit or miss – sometimes you luck out and connect with an important contact, but just as often, you lose out because:
• You didn’t know they were there;
• They were too busy meeting with others to meet with you;
• They left before you found them.

Well, TAtechEurope is different!

To be held in Dublin on March 13-14, it offers you both a Deal Center and online scheduler so you can:
• see who’s attending the event in advance,
• preschedule a meeting with the key contacts you want to see, and
• hold that meeting in a venue specifically set up for business conversations.

If you’re looking for lead gen and business development opportunities or if you’d like to find a partner company to work with yours, the TAtech Deal Center and online scheduler make it easy to do so and get the results you want.

Add that to a spectacular Agenda of Keynotes, presentations and panels by some of the best thought and business leaders in the talent acquisition industry, and TAtechEurope is one conference you can’t afford to miss. Here’s just a sampling of the highlights:

• Keynotes by Bogomil Balkansky, Google’s VP of Cloud Recruiting Solutions, Renato Profico, CEO of JobCloud.ch, and Terence Hielscher, Founder and Managing Director of moberries;

• A meeting of Women in TAtech, a Lean-In Circle providing support, networking and mentoring for women in technology companies;

• A live broadcast of The Chad & Cheese Show – some of the snarkiest and smartest commentators in the talent acquisition technology space;

Two half-day pre-conference opportunities: A Summit on AI & Machine Learning in Talent Acquisition and a Workshop for Transforming Your Job Board into a 21st Century Profit Center;

A unique conference venue during a unique Holiday – the conference will be held in the Croke Stadium Conference Center in Dublin during St. Patrick’s Day Festival Week.

So, register today and attend TAtechEurope – the conference where great connections are made!


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