TAtech Newz: New Job Board Workshop Added to TAtechEurope

Peter Weddle

TAtechEurope, the premier recruitment tech conference in Europe, has added a new workshop to its agenda that’s specifically designed for job boards. It means you now have 3 great pre-conference options from which to choose.

TAtechEurope will be held on March 13-14 in Dublin, Ireland. All three pre-conference events are available on the morning of March 13th. TAtechEurope, itself, begins the afternoon of that day.

Workshop: Transforming Job Boards into 21st Century Profit Centers

Hear from some of the best & brightest in the industry on topics such as:
• Adding Programmatic Ad Buying to your product mix without killing your traditional job posting business
• Using partnerships to build comprehensive product suites your customers can’t resist
• Rebranding and reimagining your business for employers’ changing recruitment needs
• Integrating the technologies that will reinvent candidate identification and screening.

To register for this innovation-packed workshop, click here.

The TAtech Summit on AI & Machine Learning in Talent Acquisition

Hear from thought & business leaders in both the US and Europe on:
• What’s hype and what’s real in the development of talent acquisition products built with AI, machine learning and natural language processing
• How companies with these products are positioning themselves in today’s recruitment market
• What are some of the pitfalls that could slow down or even derail the technology’s use in recruitment
• Where you can expect the technology to go in talent acquisition over the next 2-4 years.

It’s two days-worth of content jampacked into a single morning. Register here.

The Chad & Cheese Huddle

Reserve a private, hour-long consultation with these tell-it-like-it-is, outside-the-box thinkers and tap their 40+ years of industry experience to get their take on a key issue for your business, whether it’s a new product, a new business strategy, a name change, a potential acquisition – anything you want. They’ll sit down with you in private and give you their best counsel without bias or agenda – just straight talk.

Sign up for this fee-based program here.

Plus, check out some of the speakers on the Agenda at TAtechEurope:
• Bogomil Balkansky, the Google VP in charge of their entire Cloud Recruiting Solutions initiative
• Shane Gray, CEO of Clinch.io
• Eugene Mizin, CEO of Job Today
• Jayne Ronayne, CEO of KonnectAgain.com
• Michael Stewart, CEO of Lucid.ai & one of the founders of AIGlobal.org
• Bjorn Veenstra, CEO of CompanyMatch.me
• Tycho van Passen, CEO of Vonq.com
• Andreea Wade, CEO of Opening.io
to name just a few.

So, whatever you do, don’t miss TAtechEurope – the place for speakers you can’t hear anywhere else, connections you can’t make anywhere else and bottom line insights you simply can’t get anywhere else. Click here and register today.

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