TAtech NewzFlash: Awesome Keynotes Headline TAtech Spring Congress

Meagan Micozzi

Job Boards, AI and Machine Learning companies, Recruitment agencies, ATS companies, Programmatic platforms and networks … Move your business to hyper-drive!


By being smarter than the competition.

Where can you get insights that will give you that advantage?

Attend the TAtech Spring Congress & Meetup, April 18-19 in Las Vegas.

Four awesome Keynotes will kick things off: They are:

Where Are We & Where Are We Going?
Talent Acquisition Technology Breaks Out

Erik Kostelnik, CEO of TextRecruit, will draw on his experiences running one of the industry’s most innovative and successful companies to discuss the current state-of-the-art in talent acquisition technology and its future direction. If you like straight talk and strong opinions, you’ll feel right at home in this session.

Act Like Amazon
An Expansive Vison for TA Technology Companies

Peter Gudmundsson, CEO of Hire-Maturity.com thinks job boards and other talent acquisition solution companies should follow the lead of Amazon. Begin online, but add a brick and mortar segment to your business. He’ll explore how you can marry online access and engagement with the bottom line opportunities available in real world talent acquisition services.

Doing More Than Optimizing the Candidate Experience
Job Seeker Technology Today & Tomorrow

Jennifer Sethre, CEO of Intry.careers, will explore what technology is doing today and what it could be doing tomorrow to give job seekers not just a better experience, but better odds in finding a job for which they can successfully compete and in which they can excel. The problems aren’t new, the potential solutions are, and they could launch a revolution in the industry.

Supercharging Self-Service
E-commerce Performance Around the World

Mike Fahey, EVP at Madgex, will present the results of an extensive study spanning hundreds of job boards from across the globe. The research examined the performance of job board e-commerce sites to understand customer purchasing behavior, traffic analytics, employer engagement and behavior and much more, to tease out what is keeping job boards vital today and what will increase their vitality in the years ahead. Compare your performance to these industry benchmarks and understand where to focus your efforts to grow self-service revenue.

And those are just the Keynotes!

The TAtech Spring Congress & Meetup offers even more educational sessions – on programmatic ad buying, bitcoins and blockchains and disconnects between recruitment advertising buyers and sellers, to name just a few. In addition, the conference’s Meetup format and online scheduler will let you see who else is coming and preschedule meetings with them in the TAtech Deal Center!

In short, you get BOTH Thought Leadership and Collaboration – the hallmarks of a TAtech Congress!

So, don’t wait another minute! Register today, and attend the TAtech Spring Congress & Meetup.

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