TAtech UpDate: 3x BizDev at TAtech Fall Congress

Peter Weddle

You’ll get not one, not two, but three kinds of business-building advantages when you attend the TAtech Fall Congress & World Job Board Forum on September 27-29 in Denver, Colorado USA.

In addition to a jam-packed Agenda with thought and business leaders with:
• job boards,
• social media sites,
• chatbots,
• AI-based recruiting systems,
• recruitment advertising agencies and marketing companies,
• programmatic ad buying platforms
• and more,
you’ll be able to participate in …

P2P: Peer2Peer Discussions

Special interest group discussions for those working in a niche employment site, a general employment site, an association career center, a recruitment advertising or marketing agency or a company that offers a different technology-based solution.

Moderated topical discussions where you can exchange views with others on such trending topics as how job boards can get better integrated into the solutions agencies offer employers and how tech companies can better tap all of their talent, regardless of gender.

B2B: Business2Business Discussions

The TAtech Deal Center enables you to hold both pre-scheduled and spur-of-the-moment meetings with prospective business partners and customers and to do so in a setting designed specifically for private, one-on-one communications.

The TAtech Shark Tank will give you and others in the TA solutions business a chance to explore how best to deal with the disruptive force of AI and machine learning in talent acquisition and to test your ideas against some of the best minds in the industry.

C2B: Consumer2Business Discussions

The Consumer Panel during the Innovation segment of the Agenda will tap the views of leading talent acquisition execs in 3 major companies on what products and services they consider to be innovative and on the challenges they face in acquiring and implementing them.

MatchMaker, a brand new buyer’s survey will be introduced to provide solutions providers with free, real time insights on which companies in which industries are looking for what kinds of talent acquisition products and services.

If you’re looking for the best return on investment you can get from spending three days at a conference, look no further than the TAtech Fall Congress & World Job Board Forum. It’s 3x BizDev. Join us!


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