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Peter Weddle

The Recruiting Service Innovation Awards or the ReSIs are the only accolades that honor the companies, sites, products, services and individuals who “optimize the RECRUITER’s experience” through technological innovation.

Why the ReSIs?

Sure, it’s important to optimize the candidate experience. To accomplish that worthy goal, however, you have to first optimize the recruiter experience. The only way to give candidates the respect and support they deserve is to give recruiters the tools and technology they deserve. And, the ReSIs shine a spotlight on the innovative capabilities that enable recruiters to perform at their peak.

Who Can Compete for an Award?

The ReSIs are open to any organization that designs, develops or delivers a talent acquisition product or service in any of the following categories:
• Most Innovative Big Data Solution
• Most Innovative Cloud Based Solution
• Most Innovative Mobile Solution
• Most Innovative Recruitment Advertising Solution
• Most Innovative Social Media Solution
• Most Innovative Enterprise Solution
• Most Innovative SMB Solution
• Innovator of the Year / Large Employment Site (>1.5 million UVM)
• Innovator of the Year / Mid-sized Employment Site (500k to 1.5 million UVM)
• Innovator of the Year / Small Employment Site ( • Innovator of the Year / Employment Site Partner
• Innovator of the Year / Recruitment Blogger
• Innovator of the Year / Business Leader

Who Picks the Winners?

What makes the ReSIs even more special is who selects the winners. Other awards programs let so-called experts and pundits determine who comes out on top, but not the ReSIs! It’s the only global awards program where customers – the recruiters who actually use those talent acquisition sites and solutions – pick the winners.

How Do You Learn Who Won?

The worldwide ReSIs competition culminates in an Awards Gala that is modeled after the Oscars and honors The Stars of Recruiting Innovation. The Gala – widely recognized as the best party in recruiting – will be held during the TAtech Fall Congress with The World Job Board Forum. This one-of-a-kind conference will take place in Denver, Colorado on September 27-29, 2017.

Where Can You Get More Information & a Nomination Form

To see the 2016 ReSI Winners, learn more about the awards program and submit your company’s nomination, please click here.


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