TAtech UpDate: The Talent of the Talent Acquisition Technology Industry

Peter Weddle

While the talent acquisition technology industry is focused on helping its customers recruit needed talent, its companies are equally dependent on talent to succeed. In fact, the industry relies on talent to design, develop, produce and sell its tech-based products and services. It is the absolute number of a solution provider’s bottom line.

Obvious right? And yet, put one hundred TA tech pros in a room and what quickly becomes apparent is that many organizations in the industry are trying to succeed with one arm tied behind their back. The vast, vast majority of current employees come from just half the population. They are mostly male.

Now, to be clear, that’s definitely not a critique of male workers. It’s simply an acknowledgement of fact. Moreover, a second but equally important fact is that the industry needs to tap not half but all of the talent in the workforce to succeed. And at the moment, anyway, it’s stuck well short of that requirement.

In many cases, that shortcoming is the result of inadvertent or unintentional bias. In other cases, unfortunately, it is driven by a conscious decision. Whatever the cause, the net result is the same – our process, products and technology are not all that they can or should be. Our success – and thus that of our customers – is sub-optimized.

That said, the TA tech industry is well beyond the bro culture that exists in many other segments of the tech industry. As we’ve highlighted at TAtech conferences, there are women entrepreneurs, c-level executives and senior professionals in every corner of our business – from startups to global players and from full service providers to niche companies. We just need to tap more of that talent.

To that end, TAtech has established two Women in TAtech Lean In Circles – one in North America and one in Europe. These groups provide women with learning, mentoring and other support as they negotiate their careers. In addition, they contribute to the programs at TAtech conferences, including the upcoming TAtech Fall Congress & World Job Board Forum where the North America group will be moderating a Keynote Panel on Tackling Bias in Process, Products & Technology.

Membership in the groups is open to any woman working for a TA technology company, whether or not their employer is a TAtech Member. There is no cost to participate and meetings are held online or by telephone and in-person at TAtech conferences.

If you would like to join a Women in TAtech Lean In Circle, please contact:
• Mandy Schaniel, mandyschaniel@gmail.com, if you’re located in North America
• Tanya Arch, tarch@jobisjob.com, if you’re located in Europe.

Let’s make the talent acquisition technology industry a role model for the rest of the tech industry. Let’s attract, develop and tap into all of the talent in the tech workforce.


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