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Tuesday, May 19, 2020


8:30-9:00 AM ET / 5:30-6:00 AM PT

Welcome to TAtechNorthAmerica Digital

Terry Baker, CEO PandoLogic & TAtechNorthAmerica Chair


9:00-10:15 AM EST / 6:00-7:15 AM PST


Host: Stephen O’Donnell, Founder The NORAs & RECex

Dror Gurevich, CEO Velocity Career Labs

Kathy Auld, Director ATS/CRM Technologies Pontoon Solutions

Boris Rozman, CEO CMP.jobs

Marcel Wijermars, CEO TrendingJobs.com


10:15-10:45 AM ET / 7:15-7:45 AM PT

Panel: How Will Automation Change the Role of Recruiters

From chatbots and interviewing robots to AI directed recruitment advertising and end-to-end talent acquisition platforms powered by AI, technology is transforming both how recruitment is accomplished and the role of recruiters. A panel of corporate and industry executives will sort through the hype and discuss the real near and longer-term implications of recruitment automation.

Robin Schooling, Managing Director – HR The Peridus Group
Roberto Angulo, CEO Recruitology
Angela Hood, CEO This Way Global
Sadia Ayaz, Director, Organizational & Talent Development Waste Management

Panel Leader: Eyal Grayevsky, CEO Mya Systems


Meet Said Eastman, CEO JobsintheUS.com

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11:00-11:30 AM ET / 8:00-8:30 AM PT

Dinosaurs Roar: The New Breed of Super Job Boards

Long derided as a dying species, job boards have come roaring back with new products and services and a more expansive view of their role in the acquisition of top talent. From programmatic ad buying to recruitment marketing, from chatbots for CRM to new job seeker services, these aren’t the sites of yesteryear. A panel of job board CEOs will talk about how they’re repositioning and repurposing their sites to better serve employers.

Clayton Kearns, CEO MinnesotaJobs.com
Steve Flook, CEO iHIre.com
Faith Rothberg, CEO College Recruiter
John Mellor, CEO WorkinSports.com

Moderator: Peter Weddle, CEO TAtech


Meet Stéphane Jean, CMO Jobillico

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11:45-1:00 PM ET / 8:45-10:00 AM PT

Chad & Cheese Death Match

An Exclusive Competition Among 4 Early Stage Companies

Aida Fazylova, CEO & Founder

Scot Sessions, CEO & Co-founder

Adam Chambers, Founder

Bradley Clark, Co-founder

Hosted by HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast

      Judging Sponsor:


Meet Tony Lee, VP-Editorial SHRM

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1:15-1:45 PM ET / 10:15-10:45 AM PT

Post-Pandemic Planning: Recruitment Advertising After COVID-19

Once-in-a-lifetime events like Coronavirus can create paradigm shifts that reshape business buying patterns for years to come.  It’s crucial to start planning for life and business in a post-pandemic world. Business patterns emerging in the immediate aftermath reflect a continuation of the trends we’ve already seen over the last decade, but in hyper speed. With the disrupted buying cycles happening amidst new labor dynamics, will you be in a position post Covid-19 to capitalize on this new market?   This webinar will address the labor market changes, the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on job boards and Talent Acquisition organizations and discuss how using this transition to accelerate adoption of key market and technology trends will not only help soften the transition back but also put your organization in a position to capitalize on the new significant market opportunities that are emerging.

Terry Baker, CEO PandoLogic


Meet Roger Lear, CEO OrlandoJobs.com

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2:00-2:30 PM ET / 11:00-11:30 AM PT


Recruitment teams are increasingly reliant on AI, machine learning and automation for sourcing, CRM and assessment, yet the use of these technologies has raised a number of ethical questions, from the potential for bias in data sets and algorithms to the potential elimination of human agency in the workplace.  A point-counter point discussion with the CEO of an AI company and a leading expert in the mitigation of bias in corporate tech products, exploring strategies for identifying and eliminating such prejudices.

Aaron Crews, Chief Data Analytics Officer Littler Mendelson, P.C.

Athena Karp, CEO HiredScore


Meet Shane Gray, EVP ClinchTalent.com

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2:45-3:15 PM ET / 11:45 AM-12:15 PM PT

Keynote: How are TA technology & workflows evolving as we emerge from crisis?

Our world is changing fast, and HR and Talent teams are operating in a state of uncertainty when it comes to their workplaces and people. As organizations plan for how they will emerge stronger, we’re seeing leaders re-evaluate their existing processes and the role of technology within the critical points of the recruiting and hiring workflow – from speeding the pace of hiring to the role of assessments and virtual interviews (and, everything in between).

Noel Webb, SVP Head of Innovation Alexander Mann Solutions

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Meet Clayton Kearns, CEO MinnesotaJobs.com

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3:30-4:00 PM ET / 12:30-1:00 PM PT

White Paper: Job Board & TA Tech Company Valuation

Your Business Optimizer: Preparing for Investment & Acquisition

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in HR technology over the past decade, and most recently, the majority of those investments have been made in talent acquisition technology. At the same time, a significant number of TA tech companies have been acquired by larger companies, staffing firms and RPOs. The questions facing many job boards and other TA technology companies, therefore, is how are companies valued by prospective investors and buyers and what are the processes by which those transactions occur. An investment banker and former job board owner will brief on a major new White Paper he developed for TAtech. All attendees will receive a FREE copy of the White Paper.

Colin Lestrange, Director Technology Investing BTIG


Meet Alex Murphy, CEO JobSync

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4:15-6:00 PM EST / 1:15-3:00 PM PST

TAtech eCard Exchange

Business Networking in a time of social distancing

Those who register and log onto the conference on Tuesday, May 19 will receive a list of all attendees on the morning of May 20. The list will indicate the name, organization and title of everyone who registered for the event. Each attendee will then be able to designate up to five (5) other attendees with whom they would like to connect. They will then return those names to TAtech, which will reach out to the designated individuals and pass along the connection request as well as the contact information of those making the request. As is the case at in-person conferences, those individuals will decide whether they want to accept a request and schedule a call, chat or, where permitted, an actual meeting.



Why TAtech?
Mona Tawakali, EVP-Programmatic Recruitics

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6:00-7:30 PM EST / 3:00-4:30 PM PST


Social Networking in a time of remote interactions

Grab your beverage of choice (yes, we know it’s a little early on the west coast, but hey, you guys are supposed to be the trendsetters) and join friends and colleagues online for a virtual social event. You’ll have a chance to meet some of the others who attended the conference, reconnect with old friends in the industry and wind down a bit from a long day of learning and B2B interactions.

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6:00 PM EST / 3:00 PM PST


  • Recordings of all conference sessions will be available shortly at TAtech.org
  • The TAtech White Paper on Perspectives on Strategic Alternatives for Job Boards & Other TA Technology Companies will be available shortly at the TAtech Bookstore

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