Eva Zils

I’m a trilingual business strategy consultant helping HR (Tech) companies localise their product offers for the German market. Apart from that, I organise and host the HR Hackathon where I [...]

Louise Triance

Industry hub, recruitment industry fixer, host of recruitment events and technology showcases as well as a trained psychometric assessor. I created and run the UK Recruiter knowledge network [...]

Julie Sowash

As Executive Director for Disability Solutions, Julie works with federal contractors to assess outreach, hiring, and retention systems and policies in a company that impact the organization’s [...]

Chad Sowash

For over a decade, Chad Sowash has been a leader and key architect in the development of hundreds of successful programs and partnerships. Chad has chosen to focus his energy on making a [...]

Chloe Rada

I’m well invested in the future of Talent Acquisition and known for driving big ideas and empowering others to make positive change. My 20 years of experience in this space allows me to quickly [...]

Doug Monro

Entrepreneurial general manager with a background in finance, strategy and the web. Experience of classifieds, e-commerce, online community / social networking and the local web. Love turning an [...]

Aaron Matos

I’m a builder. I’m obsessed with growing & building businesses, products, and people. Today, I have the pleasure of working with some of the most dedicated people in HR tech, building Paradox [...]

Mary Leone

Talent Acquisition leader with a passion for diversity recruiting. Specializing in transitioning veterans and people with disabilities, both building recruiting strategies and making them better. [...]