China Gorman
Managing Director
Unleash America

✓ Turnaround Leader ✓ Human Capital Management (HCM) Market Expertise ✓ Global Operations

As a high-profile global business executive, I have extensive experience in growing high-performing, mission-driven organizations within the competitive human capital management (HCM) marketplace, and have built a reputation as an effective turn around leader based on my success in improving operational effectiveness, driving business growth and optimizing profits by creating a strong workplace culture to gain the competitive edge.


* Expert at leading organizations through significant turnarounds during periods of rapid market growth and through economic recessions with exceptional results.
* Leverage deep, holistic understanding of the HCM space to stay current and ahead of the competition by offering more relevant services and products in the global market.
* Approachable, trustworthy and charismatic leader who excels in building and engaging high-performing cultures focused on growth, market leadership and innovation.


* Delivered 20%+ top-line growth with 100%+ bottom-line growth in FY14, first full fiscal year as CEO at Great Place to Work Institute.
* Grew profitability by 35% for operations in Europe and increased Noth America EBITDA by 231% while at Lee Hecht Harrison.
* Led turnaround of $75M business unit, delivering a return to sales, gross margin and profitability growth while at DBM, Inc.


* Turnaround Leader
* U.S./Global Operations
* Revenue/EBITDA Growth
* Culture Transformation
* Brand Equity Expansion
* New Product/Service Innovation
* Top Talent Magnet
* Operational Alignment
* Broad HCM Industry Visibility
* Sought-after Keynote Speaker
* Media Spokesperson
* Strong Personal Global Brand | @ChinaGorman

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