Sarah Brennan
Founder & Principal
Accelir Insights

Seasoned executive and HR analyst focused on shaping the future of work through insight driven consulting & speaking. Partners with solution providers and investors on product, market insights, adoption, and positioning to impact revenue growth. Provides primary & secondary quantitative and qualitative research services including market trends, innovation workshops and customer listening sessions. Offers strategy/feedback meetings, training and support to corporate HR and Talent teams considering new Talent Technology.

What exactly do I do?
* Revenue and Growth – (I’m called to figure out the “why aren’t we..”.)
* Research & Insights -(Qualitative/Quantitative/Primary/Secondary)
* Product (Strategy, Roadmap, Design, Competitive Gaps)
* Sales (Positioning, GotoMarket, Enablement, Competitive Intel)
* Customer Success (Adoption, Satisfaction, Insight Panels)
* Buy/Build/Acquire/Invest SME and Research
* Market Education, Coaching, Training (Internal or client facing)
* Events – Executive Roundtables, Podcasts, FB Lives, Video, Speaking, User Conferences
* Innovation Workshops
* Start-up mentorship and launch lab

We work with a select group of corporate teams each year providing insights, support and feedback as they try to solve for larger business challenges such as retention/turnover, low ee satisfaction rates or inability to source/hire candidates. We also work as an advisor and outside support person for teams make the decision to streamline their talent tech stack, looking for a product shortlist, or want someone to sit in on demo’s and help them evaluate. These are primarily done through a private equity ownership teams or under executive sponsorship.

Product Experience includes: Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Learning, Engagement, Rewards, Recognition, Survey, Data Analytics, Sourcing, Insights, Wellness, CRM and More

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