The AR/VR ecosystem — Are we there yet?

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Digi-Capital’s virtual and augmented reality forecast is for global revenue to grow from over $13 billion this year to more than $67 billion by 2024. Yet today’s market is still evolving beyond its early stage of offering related point solutions to specific problems, to becoming a fully functioning ecosystem in its own right. Different parts of the market are moving at different rates, with many shifting pieces to the puzzle.

Let’s look at where we are today with consumer AR/VR markets, not enterprise.

Active users

For platforms to be platforms, they need active users. Lots of them. Table stakes are tens of millions, and hundreds of millions are better — but billions are the ultimate goal. For comparison, most of us are active users of the biggest consumer platform on the planet: mobile. According to Ericsson, mobile now has as many subscriptions as there are people on the planet.


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