The Innovation Life Cycle: Mastering the Talent Recruitment Tech Stack Life Cycle

Talent Tech Labs coined the term the “Innovation Life Cycle” which is the cyclical nature of identifying, selecting, implementing and optimizing talent acquisition and recruitment technology. TTL’s Innovation Cycle serves as a progressive framework for undergoing the adoption and implementation of new technologies on a continual basis. By understanding the Innovation Life Cycle as a framework, companies can identify inefficiencies within their talent acquisition ecosystem and solve for these inefficiencies by laying out a pathway to continually innovate their TA tech stack. 

Every company must go through a cycle when tackling a new technology and there are often many challenges to overcome. The talent acquisition technology ecosystem is particularly challenging. With the rapid development of new TA vendors, the TA ecosystem is changing and evolving at a pace that is difficult to keep up with. Due to the overcrowded space, choosing the right TA technology is challenging and there is


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