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November 2-8, 2020: Diversity Tech Recruiter launches DiversityTechRPO, SmashFlyX adds interviewing capability, the gig economy survives in California, workers believe that robots and chatbots are better at easing their Covid stress than humans, Priori Legal raises $6.3 million for recruiting outside counsel, eQuest to release voice-activated job posting, MarketHire raises $3 million and launches a marketplace for recruiting marketing talent working remotely.

Diversity Tech Recruiter Launches DiversityTechRPO, Reimagining the Model of Tech Hiring in a Post-Covid Era and Beyond

Today’s Diversity Tech Recruiting Leaders are frustrated with candidate-submitted acceptance rates below 80% and no clear and consistent access to quality tech talent, until now. Industry Veteran John Polhill III launches DiversityTechRPO, helping future-focused Diverse Tech Staffing Leaders unearth qualified tech candidates interested in accepting offers of employment with their organization. Most Diverse Tech Recruiting Leaders and their teams are not having good luck accessing quality diverse tech professionals interested in their offer of employment. However, according to Polhill, his current Talent Heat Mapping research indicates there is indeed a diverse network of about 546,315 Software developers, applications, and systems software employed as of January 2020.

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Symphony Talent Adds Interviews to SmashFlyX

Symphony Talent’s SmashFlyX became the latest recruiting platform to add on-demand interviewing. Its new module, SmashFlyX On-demand Interviewing, automates one-way video and audio screening in an effort to streamline the work recruiters and hiring managers. One way it does that is by allowing talent acquisition teams to automatically prompt on-demand interview screening at specific moments in the CRM workflow, such as after a virtual event. Or, the feature can route interviews to a specific pipeline. Either way, recruiters can then access recorded interviews from within the CRM talent profile. On the candidate side, the user experience is built on a conversational interface. “Video interviewing is new for a lot of people in our current environment, and if we can make it more approachable and less stressful, it’s a win,” said Lisa Bordinat, senior vice president of assessments and customer care.

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Gig Economy Elected in California

Proposition 22 was approved by the people of California, meaning that gig workers (specifically Uber and Lyft drivers) can work as independent contractors. This is a very big win for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and other app-based companies, but it is also a big win for the gig economy writ large. Not everyone is happy with this outcome. Lorena Gonzalez, the California Assembly member who drafted the bill that Proposition 22 overturned, said, “We can’t just allow them to control what the future of work looks like. Somebody has to stand up for the future of workers.” For today, at least, the people of California have spoken.

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Mental stress: How robots can ease workers’ anxiety

When it comes to handling the ups and downs of life in the pandemic, seven in 10 workers would rather talk to a robot than their own manager. A survey from Oracle and HR advisory firm Workplace Intelligence found 68% of employees who want help dealing with the COVID-19 crisis are also open to using technology – particularly artificial intelligence, digital assistants, chatbots and robots – to ease their struggles. For many, AI has long been useful in managing workplace stress (75%) and improving their task efficiency (27%). But a greater number today (82%) believe robots and other decision-support tools are also better at guiding them on mental health matters than their human colleagues are.

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Priori raises $6.3M to help large companies hire outside legal help

Priori Legal, a startup rethinking the way that large corporations hire outside counsel, has raised $6.3 million in Series A funding. Founded by CEO Basha Rubin and CPO Mirra Levitt (who met while classmates at Yale Law School), Priori launched as a legal marketplace for small and medium businesses before finding its current model in 2016. Rubin explained that although Fortune 500 companies have their own in-house legal teams, they still spend an average of $150 million a year on outside legal counsel. And finding that counsel can be an arduous process — a consumer goods company, for example, might need to hire lawyers in all 50 states. So by creating a marketplace of vetted lawyers (it says it only accepts 10% of applicants), by running a bidding process for the work and by streamlining the billing and on-boarding process, the startup can save companies an average of 60% of the money they spend on outside counsel and reduce the search time by 80%.

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eQuest to Release Voice Activated Job Posting that will Enable Recruiters to Post Jobs via Alexa Enabled Devices

eQuest today announced that it will transform the way people post Internet jobs. Beginning Monday, November 16, 2020, customers with Amazon Echo or Alexa Built-in devices will be able to say, “Alexa, open job posting”. This key command will automatically connect the voice-user to eQuest – which holds the entire catalog of jobs for that customer to access for job posting. The user can then say, “post a job” or “check activity”. Gartner predicts that, by 2023, 25 percent of employee interactions with applications will be via voice, up from under 3 percent in 2019. Voice interfaces free digital workers from having to use a mouse and keyboard when interacting with business applications. This freedom can benefit workers greatly.

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MarketerHire Secures $3M in Funding to Drive Growth, Product Development; Launches MarketerMatch Technology

MarketerHire, the talent marketplace and hiring platform that pairs the world’s top remote marketing talent with companies of all sizes, announced it has raised $3 million in funding with strategic participation from the founders and senior executives at several leading digital brands, including Zillow, Thrive Market, FabFitFun, Seamless, Notion and others. This recent round brings MarketerHire’s total financing to $4 million. MarketerHire also announced today the launch of its MarketerMatch(tm) technology, a new data-driven algorithmic solution that based on millions of potential combinations intelligently narrows down potential freelancing talent to the most qualified marketing experts for every job.

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