The Recruiting Service Innovation Awards or the ReSIs celebrate the Innovators and Innovations in talent acquisition – the sites, organizations, individuals, products and services committed to optimizing the RECRUITER experience™.

Why the ReSIs?

Sure, it’s important to optimize the candidate experience.  To accomplish that worthy goal, however, you have to first optimize the recruiter experience.  The only way to give candidates the respect and support they deserve is to give recruiters the tools and technology they deserve.  And, the ReSIs shine a spotlight on the innovative capabilities that enable recruiters to perform at their peak.

Who Picks the Winners?

What makes the ReSIs even more special is who selects the winners.  Other awards programs let so-called experts and pundits determine who comes out on top, but not the ReSIs!  It’s the only global awards program where you – the recruiters who actually use those talent acquisition sites and solutions – pick the winners.

How Do You Learn Who Won?

The worldwide ReSIs competition culminates in an Awards Gala that is modeled after the Oscars and honors The Stars of Recruiting Innovation.  The Gala is held during the TAtech Conference & Expo, the only conference totally dedicated to giving recruiters the tools they need to do their best work.  The Conference and Awards Gala will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada USA on September 19-21, 2016.

Now, Meet the 2016 Finalists

The organizations, individuals, products and services listed below were the top vote getters in this year’s ReSI Award competition.

Most Innovative Big Data Solution

  • Digi-Me
  • Jobisjob Job Market Insights
  • Recruitics Analytics – Easily Measure & Understand Your Recruitment Advertising ROI Through to Hire


Most Innovative Cloud Based Solution

  • eTeki on-demand technical interviewing platform
  • NewHire
  • ZipRecruiter /


Most Innovative Mobile Solution

  • Jobs2Careers Gigs – Channelization of Employment


Most Innovative Recruitment Advertising Solution

  • Clickcast – Programmatic Job Ad Optimization (a solution from Appcast, Inc)
  • KRT Marketing’s PPC Portfolio Manager™ | Programmatic Job Advertising
  • Recruitics Action – Programmatic Optimization & Automation of Your Online Job Advertisements


Most Innovative Social Media Solution

  • Digi-Me
  • Government Social Solutions offered thru
  • Recroup Talent Retargeting


Most Innovative Enterprise Solution

  • Appcast – Programmatic, Pay-Per-Applicant Job Ads
  • KRT Marketing’s PPC Portfolio Manager™
  • TextRecruit’s Recruiting Platform


Most Innovative SMB Solution

  • College Recruiter/Right opportunity to the right person at the right time targeted display and mobile banner ad solution
  • NewHire
  • ZipRecruiter /


Innovator of the Year / Small Employment Site (<500 k UVM)

  • AquacultureTalent –
  • Careers In Government, Inc. /


Innovator of the Year / Mid-sized Employment Site (500k to 1.5 million UVM)

  • IEEE Job Site –


Innovator of the Year / Large Employment Site (>1.5 million UVM)

  • Jobs2Careers
  • ZipRecruiter /


Innovator of the Year / Employment Site Partner

  • eTeki on-demand technical interviewing platform
  • Job Market insights by JobisJob
  • Web Scribble


Innovator of the Year / Business Leader

  • Ethan Bloomfield, CEO
  • Ryan Christoi | KRT Marketing | Managing Partner
  • Chris Forman, Founder & CEO Appcast



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