There's An Underground Market For Juuls In India And They're Going For $100

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Juul is experiencing an unintentional bump in popularity in India, thanks to online and brick-and-mortar vendors who are reselling it on the unofficial gray market. Indian vendors told BuzzFeed News that the trendy e-cigarettes are flying off their shelves, at high prices, amid a lack of regulatory clarity around e-cigarettes in general in the country. While there is no federal ban on vape sales, the devices can’t be sold in a growing number of states in India and the health ministry has asked the commerce secretary to ban the entry Juul products into the country.

Juul, which is exploring a launch in India — the world’s second-largest market of smokers — does not officially sell its products in India and described some of the current unauthorized trade there as “illegal” in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

The vendors said they buy Juul e-cigarettes and nicotine pods at


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