This Woman Got A Huge Raise And Paid Off Her Student Loans By Asking The “Over/Under” Question

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Courtesy Caitlin Boston

Caitlin Boston (center) and friends in a video she made to celebrate paying off her student loans.

Do you know that feeling of jumping into a metallic, purple catsuit to express your joy through interpretive dance with two backup dancers costumed in money signs? Probably not, unless you too have experienced the blinding exhilaration of paying off more than $200,000 in student loans. Caitlin Boston knows this feeling — it took her 10 years to get there. And it might have taken longer if she hadn’t asked a simple question of her colleagues.

She uploaded her whirlwind celebration to YouTube.

By the time Boston graduated in 2009, she had a master’s in social psychology and two undergraduate degrees in anthropology and American studies. Altogether, she had $147,602 in student loans.

On Tuesday, Aug. 6 — what would have been her


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