Toilet makers flush the old turds for new tech in 2020

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Smart toilets have been building up to an explosion in the past few years, and now they’re overflowing. At CES 2020, we saw a number of companies that have taken the plunge with new technology for the porcelain thrones of the future.

They’re all about automating tasks such as flushing toilets, cleaning them, and lowering environmental costs. I’m not sure this meets the definition of disruptive innovation, which is our charter at VentureBeat. But it sure fits the definition of technology that makes me laugh, which is really what I like to cover.

I do think that there have been some important breakthroughs with toilets that are not all evenly distributed throughout the world yet. Most of these have been created in Japan, where bidets and butt dryers mean that they don’t need to kill trees for toilet paper. And if you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary on Bill Gates


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