Two Executives Named Chris Are Leaving Facebook

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Facebook announced a significant reorganization of its leadership team a week after CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new privacy-first vision for a number of the company’s messaging products.

Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer, and Chris Daniels, the head of its messaging platform WhatsApp, would be leaving the company. Once called “Facebook’s most important executive not named Mark Zuckerberg,” Cox has been at the social network for more than 13 years, helping build the News Feed and the Facebook mobile app, while Daniels joined the company in 2011.

“Since I was twenty-three, I’ve poured myself into these walls,” Cox wrote on his personal Facebook page. “The pixels, the code, the products we’ve built together, the language, the culture, the values, the big ideas, and most of all, the people. Most all my personal highs and lows of the last decade have been tied up in


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