Uber goes old-school with telephone bookings in the U.S.

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Uber shot to global prominence as a smartphone-native platform for hailing private cars, but the company is now going old-school by opening to telephone bookings in the U.S.

Starting from today in Arizona, Uber users will be able to dial 1-833-USE-UBER from any mobile phone and speak with a live operator who will serve as an intermediary between rider and driver. The caller will need a phone with basic text-based messaging functionality, where they will receive key messages, such as their expected ETA, details about the driver and car, and the trip receipt.

First-time users of this service will need to create an account by providing personal details, such as zip code and credit card information, to the operator — this will then be associated with the number they’re using to place the call. For all future trips, payment will be automatically taken from the rider’s account, as it would


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