Uncovering What Programmatic Job Advertising Is and How It Impacts Your Recruiting Function

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You may have heard that Programmatic Job Advertising can enhance recruiting efficiency, but what exactly is Programmatic Job Advertising, and what value can it impart to your recruiting function?

What are Programmatic Job Advertising Platforms?

Programmatic Job Advertising platforms, part of the Job Advertising vertical, allow users to manage and allocate their recruiting budget across a network of different job boards and publishers, analyze vendor and job-specific performance, and make adjustments in real-time.

Firms in this category use tools common in the traditional advertising world (such as real-time bidding to buy job ads, programmatic rules for job distribution, budget capping, etc.) to drive better performance and optimize job ad spend. While programmatic advertising has been used in the product, B2B, and B2C realm for decades, its use in employment marketing and recruiting is a more recent development.

Programmatic #JobAdvertising goes beyond enhancing your #recruiting efficiency. Find out what it means


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