Verisim Life uses AI-powered biosimulations to replace animal drug testing

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The global drug discovery market is today estimated to be worth at least $35 billion, a figure that could rise to $71 billion by 2025. But getting a drug from research and development through to market is a long and resource-intensive process.

A large part of this involves rigorous testing to ensure that a drug is not only effective, but safe — and this unfortunately entails animal testing, be it monkeys, rats, mice, dogs, or rabbits. Contrary to what some may think, animal testing is not only a pivotal facet of drug development, it’s actually a legal requirement in most countries before clinical trials can begin on humans. However, animal testing is slow, expensive, and ultimately has a low success rate — it’s estimated that less than 10% of drug candidates that are tested on animals make it through the pipeline.

And it’s against that backdrop that Verisim Life (“Verisim”),


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