VLC passes 3 billion downloads, will get AirPlay support and improved VR features soon

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In 1996, a group of students at Ecole Centrale Paris wondered if there was a way to efficiently stream videos across the campus. Their curiosity quickly turned into an academic project and paved the way to the early development of a media player application called VLC.

Over the past 23 years, VLC media player has become a household name, offering a helping hand to users who are struggling to play a video file that other applications won’t support. It is available on nearly every computing platform, a rarity in the apps ecosystem. Today, VLC reached another rare milestone: It has been downloaded more than three billion times across various platforms, up from a billion downloads in May 2012.

What is equally fascinating about VLC is that its parent company, VideoLan, remains a nonprofit organization that runs solely on donations. Moreover, VLC has scaled its growth over the years without ever exploring business opportunities


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