We Found The Pseudonymous Man Behind One Of The Oldest Conservative News Outlets Online

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Last week, a conservative website and email newsletter that claims endorsements from Nancy Reagan, Sen. Rand Paul, and other conservative luminaries was in the midst of its annual Independence Day funding drive.

“One of the most significant things you can do to promote Liberty is to support our efforts,” read an appeal for donations displayed on the top of the Patriot Post’s site from managing editor Nate Jackson.

A man’s headshot photo appeared alongside the message — but although the man pictured works at Patriot Post as its managing editor, he isn’t actually named Nate Jackson. That’s a pseudonym, as are the names of other staffers and contributors listed on the Patriot Post’s website, including that of its publisher and executive editor, Mark M. Alexander.

While you may not have heard of the Patriot Post, it is among the oldest conservative publications online. In addition to its


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