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Peter Weddle

The TAtechEurope -Unleash Spring joint mega-conference will be held in London on March 24-26 and offer attendees the ultimate 2-fer.

The conference will feature:

World Class Content

You’ll see business and thought leaders from EMEA and North America in an agenda jam-packed with a Keynote on Rethinking Recruiting’s Role in Modern Capitalism; a Point-Counter Point dialogue on What’s the Best Way to Keep Biases Out of Technology-Based Recruiting; a Fireside Chat on Buying Tech Smart, Implementing It Smarter; two Corporate-Industry Panels; RECex, a Ted Talk-like program coloring outside the lines on talent acquisition; and the Chad & Cheese Death Match.

Business Building Discussions

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in not one, but two moderated discussions on topics with real business significance. Led by industry experts, the discussions will enable you to express your views and hear from your peers on “Acquisitions & Investments – Good for the Recruitment Industry?” and “Tech Saturation – Is the Customer Overwhelmed?” Plus, unlike typical conference round tables that limit your participation, you’ll have a choice: you can focus on one of the discussions or sample both.

So, let’s do an ROI calculation:

Yes, you’re busy.

Yes, it’s an investment of time to attend.

And yes, it will be the most productive couple of days you’ve spent in a very long time!

So, register right now, because by attending TAtechEurope, you’ll be able to:
• Visit the Unleash Exhibit Hall during the opening afternoon sessions on March 25;
• Interact with HR/TA delegates attending the joint TAtech Unleash Talent Acquisition Program;
• Network with some of the most successful TA tech company leaders in EMEA and North America;
• Find new business partners and keep an eye on emerging new TA tech products; and
• Gain insights, information and contacts to advance your company to even greater success!

Join Us!

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