Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @Talkpush #HRTech

This week on The Weekly Dose I revisit a recruiting technology called Talkpush that I originally took a look 5 years ago! Guess what? Quite a few things changed in five years!

Talkpush, now, is the Recruitment Automation Platform that makes hiring conversations happen faster and more naturally. Talkpush is also a tool for high volume hiring, so if you’re not hiring at least 1,000 hires per year, this is something that probably doesn’t make sense for you to have. If you’re hiring 1,000 and over, then you have to check it out!

Five years ago, Talkpush was basically a voice screening solution and a good one. Since then, Talkpush has moved with technology to include screening over messaging apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, career sites, micro-sites for hiring events, and live chat between recruiters and candidates.

Talkpush figured out early on great candidate experience and your ability to hire

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